Annual Lecture with Margaret Heffernan

"Brace for Impact" In partnership with ObjectiveManager. The Meyler Campbell Annual Lecture 2017 will be taken by Margaret Heffernan, international business leader, author, radio personality, thought leader and TED speaker watched by over 6 million people.   Margaret Heffernan’s voice is primarily one of critical challenge, taking little at face...

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Psychology Distilled: Leadership

This practical and inspiring course gives you a “map of the territory” of the psychology relevant to business coaching.  SummaryWhat makes some people lead and others follow? The Psychology of Charisma, Authority and Power, Leadership Archetypes and the pitfalls of leadership derailment. We examine current world leaders as well as introducing ...

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Coaching Fishbowl: Dick Tyler

COACHING SENIOR LEADERS IN PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FIRMS In some ways, business is business, no matter in what context it is conducted. In other ways, the professional services sector operates in its own unique world, presenting leaders with specific challenges, obstacles and issues. Today’s coach, Dick Tyler, has encountered all of these at first ...

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Mental Health First Aid Course

Mastered student Richard Martin has kindly offered to run a Mental Health First Aid course specifically for the Meyler Campbell community. The fee for this event represents a 20% discount from the original price.  Mental Health First Aid is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who may be ...

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Brown Bag Lunch: Sophie Turner

MEYLER CAMPBELL ALUMNI ONLY. STAKEHOLDER/CLIENT MANAGEMENT What do business organisations want from their external coaches? How can you meet the needs of the various stakeholders involved when you coach in an organisational context? Delivering real value to a business is about more than doing marvellous one-to-one work. Sophie Turner introduced ...

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Masterclass: Carol Kauffman

Exclusively for coaches with at least two years’ experience, whether Meyler Campbell qualified or not, these brand new workshops will help you integrate a deeper understanding of a variety of selected techniques and methodologies into your coaching practice. They will be given by external experts and will be a blend of training and participative ...

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Psychology Distilled: Wellbeing

This practical and inspiring course gives you a “map of the territory” of the psychology relevant to business coaching.  SummaryLiving the good life: Human development, a Biological-Psychological-Social perspective on wellbeing, happiness and resilience, and how these can be made relevant in coaching. Plus a primer on Positive Psychology and a...

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Brown Bag Lunch: Mary Watts

To accredit or not to accredit, that is the question. What are the benefits of being accredited? How much work does it take? And if you do decide to become an accredited coach, which of the coaching bodies is most appropriate for you? Professor Mary Watts, Meyler Campbell’s Programme Director, will answer these questions and many more in this ...

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Coaching Fishbowl: Katie Driver

This Fishbowl features Katie Driver, a former senior leader in the Civil Service and now an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator in her own business, the Thinking Alliance. Katie believes passionately that better thinking is the key to a better life, both at work and more broadly. You can expect her approach to be non-directive with a ...

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Faculty Clinic: Keith Krasny and Dick Tyler

Whether you’re an HR or L&D professional in a law firm; coach lawyers (or would like to); or are a lawyer yourself, this interactive session is aimed at you. Is coaching lawyers so very different from coaching other professionals and executives? In some ways no; in other ways their training, together with some common personality traits of lawyer...

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Masterclass: Carol Braddick

In this Masterclass Carol Braddick will explore the ways in which technology might be changing the face of the coaching market. Carol will discuss ways in which technology can enhance your coaching practice and how it will feature in your value proposition moving forward. She will also anticipate developments within the market that both complement ...

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Charity Coaching Fishbowl: Anne Scoular

Most, if not all, of you, already know that Anne Scoular is the Founder of Meyler Campbell and now its external Ambassador. New Zealand-born Anne followed a successful career as a diplomat and then as a Citibank-trained international banker before retraining as a psychologist. Following her dream, she co-founded Meyler Campbell in 1999 and ...

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