Our training is grounded in rigorous study and evidence and our community boasts leading academics, business people and other influential thinkers - in fields ranging from neuroscience and psychology to sport, management, and the law.

Here's some of the latest research projects, white papers and thought leadership from, and for, our community.

UCL Independent Review of Legal Services Framework

Another illustrious alum! Professor Stephen Mayson, Meyler Campbell graduate, has been appointed to lead an Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation.

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Meyler Campbell12th July 2018

Meyler Campbell Membership Scheme

Meyler Campbell is launching a Membership Scheme specifically for our Meyler Campbell Alumni! Here you will find a summary of our market research results for the most popular benefit of the Membership Scheme.

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Meyler Campbell06th July 2018

Executive derailment, coaching and posttraumatic growth

A wonderful publication by Stephen Joseph, Meyler Campbell Alumni.

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Stephen Joseph28th June 2018

Breathe - a show about grief, loss, and reparation at The Freud Museum

We believe that the Meyler Campbell community will be interested to know more about the series of talks that Jon Stokes, a Meyler Campbell Faculty Member, has organised at The Freud Museum.

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Jon Stokes, Faculty Member23rd May 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week

Stress, this year's focus for Mental Health Awareness Week, affects us in a number of ways and in varying intensities.  So, the Mental Health Foundation have issued this 'how to manage and reduce stress' booklet as a helpful guide for all.

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Mental Health Foundation18th May 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week

Courtesy of the National Institute of Mental Health here are '5 things you should know about stress'.  Everyone feels stressed from time to time, but what is stress and how does it affect your health?

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Meyler Campbell15th May 2018