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Meyler Campbell trains some of the most admired business leaders in the world to coach.

Trusted offers unique access to this diverse network of experienced, dedicated and exceptionally skilled individuals.

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Meyler Campbell was founded in 1999 as a centre of excellence for training leadership coaches of the highest calibre. We support our community of trained coaches with continued learning, professional development and networking opportunities.

Guided by a faculty of around 20 tutors, our generous, lively and diverse coaching community now boasts around a thousand senior leaders, who work around the world and across all sectors.


You’re in the driving seat. We just bridge the gap.

When you are looking for coaches to meet your needs tell us what your challenges are and your criteria for success. We’ll listen, and simply introduce you to a handpicked selection. You can then run a chemistry process to see who fits.

You can design the engagement and handle contracting, invoicing and process management. Or we can take that on for you.

All we want is for you to find coaches you can trust.



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We're not a coaching provider, but a community of practitioners. Trusted simply introduces members of the Meyler Campbell community to anyone looking for the best coaches.

How it works

- Get in touch. We'll arrange to meet with you and take a detailed brief about your coaching needs.

Only the right connection can unlock all your potential. Your shortlist of (usually three) coaches is created by the Trusted team: because it takes a great coach to know one.

Meet with the candidates on the list, then decide on the best fit.

Then, the real and most exciting work begins...

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What our Clients and Coaches have to say

One of the benefits of the Meyler Campbell network is that they are connected to really great coaches and will also get to know you and your organisation's particular culture and needs. This means that you can tap into an exceptionally high quality pool of coaches, and rely on Meyler Campbell's  recommendations as to which would  be a good fit for what you are looking for.

Empowering our coachees in moving the needle, from their current state to an increased growth outlook, packed with renewed energy and greater self-awareness is the ultimate objective

In Trusted, the Meyler Campbell ethos expresses itself in the matching of coaches and clients with sensitivity and intelligence, efficiently enabling the highest quality outcomes (for extremely busy industry leaders).

We have had a great experience with Meyler Campbell Trusted coaches working with senior leaders across our client cohort. Not only has Trusted provided fantastic coaches, but also very helpful thought partners and advisers to us as we build our in-house coaching capability

Trusted helped to find a perfect match for me with a potential coaching client, drawing on my coaching skills and my past experience

I have enjoyed the clarity and openness of the Trusted matching process. Meyler Campbell Trusted provided a clear picture of the client's situation and why I could be a good match, frequently based on coaching style, leadership, and international experience.

I asked Meyler Campbell to introduce me to a number of coaches who needed to be credible for a senior partners at the top of my organisation for a major engagement. The Trusted process delivered a fabulous list in short order. I was delighted and impressed

At short notice we needed a credible senior coach in a specific industry sector and geographic location with relevant language expertise. Meyler Campbell were super responsive and introduced two superb candidates, one of whom has become a valuable resource for our client. Impressive and much appreciated outcome


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