Books, periodicals and other publications from the Meyler Campbell Faculty and other members of our community.

The Psychology of Spies and Spying: Trust, Treason, Treachery

The latest book by our distinguished External Assessor Dr Adrian Furnham is on the psychology of spying. Sir John Scarlett, former head of MI6, has called it “serious and thoughtful… a necessary read” ; one of the world’s most eminent psychologists, Prof. Robert Sternberg, has praised it, and another says it’s “a truly special book that will forever change the way we think about intelligence”. Some high calibre summer reading?

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Adrian FurnhamJune 2022

Charismatic vs Inspiring Leadership

Meyler Campbell Faculty Member Jon Stokes' paper on charismatic versus inspiring leadership has just been published in this book on Leadership, Psychoanalysis & Society. This book includes essays that view leadership from psychoanalytical, social-psychological, sociological, evolutionary, developmental anthropological, and historical points of view to fully describe the complexity of leadership relationships and personalities. 

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Michael Maccoby & Mauricio Cortina

with contributions from:
Jon StokesMay 2022

Using Psychometrics in Coaching: A Practical Guide

Written by a practitioner with experience both in developing assessments and in delivering coaching, this is an essential guide for trainee, new and experienced coaches. 

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Ian FloranceMay 2022

Own It!

Dr Paige Williams, Anne Scoular’s coach, and a global thought leader in applying positive psychology in coaching has published her third book, on accountability. Paige sees broken commitments etc. as underpinning our present global struggle with underperformance – but her solutions are not what you would expect!

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Dr Paige WilliamsMarch 2022

Psychology 101: The 101 Ideas, Concepts and Theories that Have Shaped Our World

Winter feeling a bit long? Give yourself a little treat, with Psychology 101, the new book by our distinguished External Assessor, Adrian Furnham. 101 key psychology ideas (including some that will startle you!) and only 1-2 pages on each, plus the key references. And it’s a cracking read.

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Adrian FurnhamDecember 2020

FT Guide To Business Coaching 2nd Edition

We're delighted to announce to you all that The Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching second edition is out now. Authored by Meyler Campbell Founder Anne Scoular, the second edition has been fully updated – and includes an entirely new chapter on coaching and diversity by Meyler Campbell Advisory Board Member Sheldon Daniel.

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Anne ScoularAugust 2020