Events from one of the world's most vibrant leadership communities.

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Our Events Programme

Alongside ad hoc lectures, gatherings and other sessions, we run a range of regular events as part of our comprehensive CPD programme.

Brown Bag Lunches

Informal lunchtime seminar series: come and hear members of our community sharing the extraordinary breadth and depth of their expertise. The topics covered are hugely wide-ranging; the level of insight and debate is always exceptional. These events are available for Alumni of the Mastered Programme only.

Coaching Fishbowls

Live coaching in front of an invited audience. These are the closest thing to true coaching 'masterclasses' that we know: a chance to see a professional coaching session in action and to see an expert in the field demonstrate great coaching with different models, for different purposes, in different environments. Wherever and however you coach, Fishbowls are an invaluable opportunity to experience the diversity of the discipline and pick up useful techniques from different areas. 

Psychology Distilled

A course of practical half-day seminars covering the full sweep of psychology, from Freud to neuroscience. Each session is self-contained, so you can select the one or two topics that particularly grab you, mix-and-match modules to make your own course, or attend the lot and gain a comprehensive yet compressed coverage of the discipline of psychology as it relates to coaching practice.