Our training is grounded in rigorous study and evidence and our community boasts leading academics, business people and other influential thinkers - in fields ranging from neuroscience and psychology to sport, management, and the law.

Here's some of the latest research projects, white papers and thought leadership from, and for, our community.

Conversation as a Methodology for Human Flourishing, Belonging, and Understanding

Research presented by Faculty Member Saiyyidah Zaidi.

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Saiyyidah Zaidi28th July 2023

A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II as Coach

A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II as Coach by Penny Terndrup, member of the Meyler Campbell community.

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Penny Terndrup09th September 2022

Meyler Campbell and Cancer Research working in partnership

Working in partnership since 2019, find out more about this partnership and the impact Meyler Campbell has made to CRUK researchers.

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Cancer Research UK (CRUK) & Meyler Campbell01st July 2022

A short story & observation on 'humanness'

Kathy White Ph.D., who featured in Black Analysts Speak and friend of Meyler Campbell Alumna Beth Neustadt, shares a story she'd written about her in-hospital experience and the 'humanness' she encountered.

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Kathy White Ph.D24th February 2022

Coaching Psychology - Accelerated route to full membership

Members of our community who have Graduate status with the British Psychological Society (BPS), or are a Chartered psychologist in another BPS area, might be interested in the fast-track route to gaining status as a Chartered Coaching Psychologist.

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British Psychological Society (BPS)31st January 2022

Meyler Campbell Technology Report

A guide to all things digital in coaching and building a coaching business to help you to stay abreast of digital developments to support your practice.

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Meyler Campbell16th December 2021