Equipping business leaders and senior managers with the skills to transform individual and team performance.

About Unleashed

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Here’s a simple fact: when people are able to solve problems for themselves they solve them better. Here’s a painful truth: most leaders don’t allow their people to solve problems for themselves.

It’s only when a person has a true sense of ownership that they show a true sense of commitment to the task. It’s only when they can readily see the path they need to take that they’ll readily follow it. And it’s only by being coached and not told, that they’ll ever learn to find their own solution.

Unleashed is the leadership development programme that transforms the way you lead and relate to others, in order to transform the way others perform.

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Programme Structure

  • An introductory dinner to kick off the course
  • Day 1 - tutorial and workshop
  • 3 further 4 hour tutorials, approximately 1 month apart with dates set around your availability
  • 4 individual telephone tutorials with your Tutor
  • Concise reading between tutorials
  • Formal practice coaching with a minimum of 2 clients: chemistry meetings and 4 coaching sessions required per client
  • A series of workplace experiments to integrate learnings into your daily role
  • Business Panel

What our Alumni have to say

It fast tracks executives into transformational leaders to help their people reach their true potential. When your teams are motivated to move forward together, your business vision becomes a reality

Unleashed is delivering real value for us. Through developing and applying our coaching skills we can deliver real additional value to our existing people development programmes

My biggest learning: it's so much more effective when a leader learns to sit on their hands – rather than jump in and get them dirty

Expert Tutors create environments where groups help each other fully develop their coaching skills and realise their strengths as leaders


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