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Why Unleashed

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Here's a simple fact: Most leaders want a real connection with their clients and colleagues. 

Here's a painful truth: Most leaders can't move beyond what they already know...

Better leaders empower individuals to truly think for themselves and own their progress, creating the space where relationships deepen and everyone can flourish. They are active listeners who have more effective, non-directive conversations; who embrace vulnerability and uncertainty; who manage conflict and nurture reflection, empathy and trust.

Our programmes help realise your team's full potential: unleashing the insights, mindset, and practical techniques that are the DNA of successful leaders.

The way you do business will never be the same again.

About Unleashed

To download a PDF of the Unleashed brochure click here

Taught by leaders for leaders, Unleashed programmes can address a host of professional challenges, including:

  • Forging more effective, trusting and rewarding client relationships
  • Improving team performance and leadership
  • Communicating effectively across silos, functions and departments
  • Handling high-stakes conversations
  • Embedding best practice in leadership, career development and mentoring
  • Becoming more empathetic and receptive to the diverse nature of personalities and cultures
  • Amplifying strengths and being more aware of blind spots

When an individual gains fluency in just one of the techniques we can share with them, the effect is transformative. They become more confident, self-aware and empathetic. They get better at giving and receiving feedback, building trust, and getting the best from others.

And when you combine our skills, techniques and ideas to target specific commercial needs? The resulting programme can be the catalyst for change that lasts, and a more cohesive and supportive culture throughout your organisation.

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Programme Structure

To give an idea of how your Unleashed programme might be structured, here’s a typical sequence and set of modules.

When it comes to the size of each group, one:three is the magic ratio of tutor to participant, in cohorts of three, six or nine participants.

The key to the programme is to allow space between tutorials: periods for reflection, experimentation, and practical application of the lessons learned.



Anne Scoular, cofounder of Meyler Campbell, and Herminia Ibarra, graduate of the Meyler Campbell Mastered programme and one of the world’s top management thinkers, wrote about the power of the Unleashed programme in their article The Leader as Coach. They write about how leaders can unleash their innovation, energy and commitment, in this award-winning HBR article (awarded the prestigious Warren Bennis prize for the top-rated HBR article in 2019).

Read The Leader as Coach


It has been revolutionary in converting advice givers and problem solvers to a different way of leading. We are noticing the positive impact this is having with our people and with clients, through creating more of a listening culture. It truly embodies the culture we are looking to create, and is transforming what it feels like to be part of our firm

The Meyler Campbell Unleashed programme has been transformational for me. It has opened my eyes to the benefits of listening and meaningful interactions. Unleashed is a powerful self-development programme that improves you as a manager, leader and team player and enables enriched interactions in the workplace

I have no doubt that the programme has changed the way I approach communication and collaboration, fostering more deeply rooted relationships with clients and colleagues

The Unleashed Programme had an added, if unexpected, role to play in bonding the participants through a torrid period… the methods for exploring our thinking and our role in leadership were extremely powerful, and we have all begun to apply them in formal and informal situations at work – either in 1-to-1s or as part of group-working

The Unleashed Programme added considerably to the people management tools at my disposal. It was fascinating to learn about the power of coaching and to use it with my team members has been empowering for them and eye-opening for me

Already paying dividends making me a better leader and my team more energised and coherent. The mix of tutorial, self-learning and practical experience really helped to develop my understanding of coaching skills and leadership

[It has] been transformational. It opened my eyes to the benefits of listening and meaningful interactions

The programme has fostered an even deeper understanding of the skills and approaches required to effectively manage and develop talented people. The Meyler Campbell coaches have quickly developed a deep understanding of our business and culture, refining the course content to meet our needs and reflecting back observations to help us develop even stronger connections across the senior team

Unleashed is delivering real value for us. The tutors spent time to understand our business and our specific needs and have helped us take a step back and look at how through developing and applying our coaching skills

This leadership programme is based around the core principles of coaching. It fast tracks executives into transformational leaders to help their people reach their true potential. When your teams are motivated to move forward together, your business vision becomes a reality

Great course - techniques so useful; not just in a formal coaching situation, but in lots of other situations too! I found the one-to-one practice sessions extremely useful; to work with real issues using the skills being taught was excellent

Meyler Campbell's expert tutors create environments where groups of senior,
experienced individuals help each other fully develop their coaching skills and realise their strengths as leaders


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