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Unlock the power of true collaboration as a Team Coach.

Why Unlimited?

This short video with Meyler Campbell Faculty Members Guy Ashton & Alexandra Durnford explains why we created Unlimited and why it could be the perfect programme for you.

About Unlimited

To download a PDF of the Unlimited brochure click here

About Unlimited

It takes a team to make one.

All too often, ‘teams’ diminish rather than enable; slow down what they should accelerate; and dissipate energy, rather than focus and multiply its impact.

But we know real teamwork has extraordinary power: giving each of us the chance to transcend our limits, forging strengths and abilities together that could not exist outside the team.

How can you make this happen for the teams you work with?

We don’t have the answers. You do.

Our Unlimited programme brings together practising executive coaches, who are committed to becoming Team Coaches - and helps them develop solutions and skills together.

‘Unlimited’ by name. Unlimited by nature.

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To register to apply to take part in Unlimited, as a coach or part of a team, please contact us directly.

This is not a ‘course’. It is a development programme for experienced coaches.

It's an opportunity to learn and build on all that you already know and can do, while acquiring a whole new set of skills and tools; your new knowledge and capabilities will give you the confidence to expand your practice into the team coaching space or to enhance and extend your existing team coaching practice.

Through a single, shared set of Parameters we will explore any coaching method, psychological angle, challenge, or insight you can share - and devise new solutions together.

There are 4 elements to the Unlimited programme:

  • Taught Content. 5 half-day modules, delivered at key stages throughout the programme
  • Your own Team Coaching Project, which you’ll discuss with your cohort and analyse
  • Group and Individual Supervision to accompany the taught modules
  • Your Experience and Learning Record: your experiences and observations throughout the programme, together with any other relevant training or study you undertake

The programme is supported by a repository of shared tools, knowledge, exercises, reading and modules, which will be enhanced and built upon as each learning cohort makes their own contribution to the store of group knowledge. This repository will only be available to graduates and participants of the Unlimited programme.

On completion, a panel of Meyler Campbell Faculty members will review your experience, and the material you submit, before evaluating your Qualification.


Please email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below